. . .UKM AGAIN. . .

at last..slesai gak byr yuran...tnggal nk g skola jewk....excited la seyh...haha....yg bez nye...3 taon aq dpt UKM....wah2....dkire hbat gak un??...haha...prasan...=.='....ape2 pown....aq arp taon 2011 jauh beze ngn 2010....

no broken heart....=)....x sngke lak aq da 15....x prasan pown...haih...wish i never grow up....ahaha...gle ape aq...=P,..,next year PMR...aiy0o...arp2 ley wt yg the bez r....

UKM taon dpn rse nye cm x bez r....x tw knpe...weird nk mmpz...haha...yg bez nye farah..z-nab still 1 klz ngn aq....cme qilla jewk...arp2 la qilla msuk UKM...haha....

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1.1.11 rulezz...=P

~ no fb
~ no ms
~ x ley on9 lme2
~ x ley jln2 ngn mmbe
~ all the time,,STUDY

ssh la seyh nk wt bnde alh nie....haih...ape2 pown,..aq try wt..dmi mse dpn aq...ceh2....=)...haha...i must get used to it....

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akk shizuru


.haha..jgn slah phm lak..mksud aq tmpat yg kteorg nk g 2 a litlle bit jauh....huhu...=)

dlm pkul 1 aq kluar rmah, and then g jmput dyeorg..one by one...da cm driver plak papa aq nie...h0ho...ps2 bru jewk nk kluar dry saujana..kete brbris pnjang...mak aii!!..=.='...trkjut kteorg tngok....ish2....mntang2 la christmast...haha...ape seyh...tp jam nye x la pnjang sgt...skjap jewk...n then de kte accident...ish2....x truk mne pown...bumper blakang kne lnggr...haha...ape seyh...x reti bwak kete....=P..

kteorg pown trus kn journey kte ke kg lukut,,,jauh la gak..( la gak??..mmg jauh pown..haha...=.='..)..smpi tonggang trblik map kte bce..haha....nsib baek la kte slamat smpi kt c2..huh...lega skit...smpi2 jewk kte slm mk dye...ckgu lxmne yg dtg...bla..bla..bla...ahha....ps2 ape lgy...kteorg MELANTAK r...huhu...tp x hbiz pown mkn..ape seyh..haha...n then kteorg lepak dlm rmah ain..sjuk skit..klu x..da bsah lencun kteorg kt luar,,,so hot!!...=.=.....

n then akk ain knal kn kwn dye,,from JAPAN...wah2...comel gle....huhu...dye pndi ckap mlayu skit jewk...nme dye SHIZURU....nme pown comel..=)...dye pki bju krung plak 2..haih...aayuuu..=)...mmg comel la...kteorg pown,,posing maut ngn akk comel 2..huhu...

pas2 kteorg lepak at tepi rmah ain. nsib baek sjuk,, klu x,,da lme aq msuk dlm rmh blik...ahaha...kteorg nie jenis yg pntang 6pk camera..mst nk amik gmbar...haha...tnpe mmbuang mse...kteorg snap sne...snap sni....snap c2...haha...(bpe bnyk snap da...=P..)...

15 minutes pas2,,kompang da brbunyi...huhu...at the same time...my phone brbunyi jgak...but lgu baby k...bkn bunyi kompang...hhaa..=='....rpe2 nye..mama aq da smpi sni da..haish..x smpat nk tng0k mke kakak ain...huhu...rugi2....=)....

ape2 pown..nie la the best journey...( so far..=)..)...msuk2 kete jewk...mama aq ckap.." nie msing2 da naik 1kg.." haha ape seyh...gm0k sdah kteorg...=)....so...itu la prjlnan kteorg...to the end of the world...haha...weird..=='....



wa tabik sma lu...haha...rmbut aq cm hape da..=='...farah tabik spe ha??...haih...huhu

haha..msing2 mke blur...tp farah weird ckit r...x tw pe yg dye 6pk mse 2..haih...haha..tringt kn abg N gut...^__^

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....gram....skit aty....myampah...

gram seyh aq!!...haish...x hbiz2 nk pkse aq cple ngn DYE...eeww...tlong la...aq x nk n x kn cple ngn dye lgy...x kn 2 pown x phm....aq ckp bhse mndrin krang....kw x phm....NGEX PNYE BDAQ!!...gggrrrr...gram2....lnx dye la nk depressed ke....nk mati ke ape ke....yg pling pnting...I DONT CARE....ok...so plzz la....haish...wlaupun dye da kne DUMP....ngn daq KL 2....sme ngn cre aq....its not enough....he deserve more than that....haish...(>.<)...aq mmg fuck gle daq2 cm nie...haish...ssh nk ckp ngn daq2 ngek....bkn nye phm....=P....go to hell la!!.....=P...abiz cter...snang hdup aq....=).....no matter what happen...or what you do....i'll never ever ever like you again!!!

you guyz SUCKS!!.....
i hate you fucking much....

...pde mahluk tuhan yg aq mksud kn kt atz nie.....
...tlong la phm....klu x phm...
...trjun bnggunan skola...

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April's phone rings. Nick rolls his eyes playfully. She couldn’t help but giggled and answers her phone class. "crap!!..i forgot...be there soon..bye Demi.." she hangs up. Demi called her to get back soon, because they have school tomorrow. Nick throws April on his shoulder, then he walked to his car.

========outside April's house=========

" see you tomorrow??.." Nick sent April at her door. " yeah..and the answer is yes..." April replied while walked into her house. " what do you mean??.." Nick acted like he doesn’t know. " think about it.." she winks and close the door. Nick smiled as he walked to his car.


Friday, the last day of school for this week. April has a date with Nick, while Miley and Demi have sleepover together at her house tonight. All of a sudden, April's phone rings. She picks it up. It was the nurse, she wanted to do a check-up after the surgery. " who's that??.." Miley asked her. " the nurse..the doctor want to do a check-up today.." she replied. " oh..can i come??.." Miley make a puppy dog eyes.. " ok..since i can’t resist your puppy dog eyes.." hug her. " aww..i love you.." hug backs. April slightly giggled.

" April..i pick you up at 8??.." Nick said as he leans his body at April’s locker, he looked at April with his engaging brown eyes. She felt everything inside of her shatter as he gave her, his famous smile. "ok..see you.." she replied. Nick smiled and kisses her on the cheek. " just like an old couple.." she watched Nick, as he walked away. April laugh and linked her arm with Miley and walk to their next classes.

Later that day, April and Miley were at the hospital. She walked up to the nurse. " hye..is the doctors ready??..". " yes..nice to see you again April.." she smiled. " me too.." April hug the nurse back. She walked into the doctor office, to do some check-up, while Miley waited for her at the nurse. An hour later, she's waiting for the result with Miley. " April,,can you come here please..i have some news.." the nurse said.

She walked to the nurse, with Miley beside her. " I’m sorry to tell you that there was a mistake..the cancer had spread..before the surgery.." the nurse tapped April's shoulder slowly. They both cries, April feel her knees suddenly weak. " there is a surgery that we can perform...but there is a 15 % chance of you living.." she looked at April. " she'll do it.." Miley replied as she hears about the other surgery.

" NO..there only small chances of living..im done fighting for my freaking life.."

" we'll have HOPE April.." Miley said.

April looked at Miley in teary eyes. " NO..i give up.." walked away while wiping her tears. " thank you.." Miley thank the nurse and runs to April.

============later that date==============

" April..there is something i gotta tell you.." hold April's hand from the other side of the table. April looked at her hand. " me too.." her eyes started to tear up. " i lo--.." April's runs away before Nick couldn’t finished his sentence.

Nick pulls her in a hug. " whats wrong??..". April pulls away pushing nick out of her way. " i gotta to go.." leaves as fast as she can. Nick runs out after her. "  APRIL!!...". She turns around, tears still streaming down her face." Nick...i think we should...b-bre-break up..it’s easier this way...nick..just...go on with your life...i can’t risk you falling in love with a girl like me..you deserve someone better.."

Nick is totally confused, on how April's acted.She kiss his cheek softly " bye nick.." April shakes her head and walk away. She runs off, gets in a taxi and leaves as fast as she can. From the inside, she can see Nick tears stream down his face, and onto the ground. " how could i let the only girl i love walk away from me...now she is gone..out of my life..." he said to himself. Nick heart were like shattered to the ground. He completely broken at the moment. Nothing can discribed how broken he was.

" i can’t believe i broke his heart..i love him...but NO April..this is the right thing to do.." April's thinking while looking out of the window.

========with Miley and Cody===========

They we're walking at the park, while they we're getting fresh air, from the other side of the park, they saw a figure walking and automatically fell to the ground. Miley and Cody walked up to the figure, as they approached it I couldn't help but smell beers. They pinched their nose and continued walking, Cody got so close, his eyes-widen. " Nick??!!...what the fuck!!..". Miley cover her mouth and move backward a few steps.

Cody threw Nick over his shoulder and he ran to Miley's house. Nick still unconscious." God he smelt like beers, no wonder why I could smell beer..it was all over his shirt. They quickly sprinted off to Miley's house.

5 minutes later, they reached their destination. They laid Nick on her couch. They look at Nick who's passed out on the couch. " i wonder what happened.." she looked at Cody. " Nick does lots of things but he has never drunk before.." he replied. Miley shakes her head in worried. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. She walks over and opens the door. "April!!??.."

In a blood shot eyes. " hye Miley..". She raises eyebrow at her. " can you please tell me why is your so-called BOYFRIEND passed out on my couch??.." pointed at Nick. Her eyes widen. " oh my gosh !!!what happened??..".

" you tell me.." Miley crossed her arms. April tells her everything that happened on the date. As she expected, Miley eyes widen. " why didn't you just tell him..". April looked down at her feet. Nick groans and wakes up. He looks at April at rolls his eyes. " what are you doing here.." he asked her rudely.

" why were you drunk???.." April asked him back. " well if you don't love me..then what’s the point I’m telling you??.." He gets up and stumbles out of the house. April started crying onto Miley's shoulder. She pull April tight in a hug, rubs her back in a circular motion.

============next week============

As usual, April walked into the school with Miley. As she walked through the hallway, she saw Nick kissed a girl, some RANDOM GIRL. Her face expression immediately changes. Miley sees that too and hug April from her side. " it’s ok Miley.." walks to her class.

Miley takes a deep breath and walks towards Nick pulling Random Girl of him.(let’s call her Scarlet). " hey!!.." she said. " shut up!!!.." Miley screams at her. Then she looked at nick. " i can do whatever i wanna!! April break up with me.." Nick explains. " you really wanna know??.." Miley sighed. " yeah...what did i do??.." Nick crosses his arm. 

Scarlet clears throat. " sorry but i was kissing with him..". Miley rolls her eyes. " find someone else..". She looked around, and saw Cody across the hall. " he is cute..". Miley's eyes widen and she's clenches her fist. " what..did..you..say??.."."i said he is cute.." Scarlet pointed to Cody. Miley grabs her shirt and leans her against the locker.

" you wanna say that again??. She gets close to Miley's face.

" HE...IS...CUTE...".

Miley tightens her grip twisting her hand. " one more time please.."

" HE IS CU--.." Miley slapped her across the face, leaving a red stinging and burning mark.

Scarlet falls hard to the floor. Cody runs up to her. " why did you do that Miley??..". " she said you were cute.." she inhale and exhale heavily." so what??.." Cody looked at her. Miley faked a smiled. " great April left me alone with a WEIRDO.." points to Liam. " a JERK.." points at nick. " and a SLUT.." points at Scarlet.

" hey!!.." Cody crossed his arm on his chest. Miley lips twitched into a smiled and kiss Cody on the cheek. " AHEM!!..can we get back to 'my' problem.." Nick walk up between Miley and Cody. She sighs. " you should try talking to her again...kissing other people in front of her is not helping the situation.." Miley walked away from Nick with Cody.

============Nick's House==============

Nick looks at his book to see that he grabbed one of April's by mistake. Then a paper slipped out of the book. As he scanned through the paper, his eyes widen. He walked back and forth in his room. An idea just popped into his mind like magic. Nick drive to April's house as fast as he can.

===========later with April=============

April sitting in her room, lying on her bed, crying. Then she hears something from outside her room. Just then, her phone started to rings. " hello??.." she answered. " turn around.." he said. Slowly she turns around and saw Nick is at her balcony, holding a guitar.

" what are you doing here??.." wiped her tears.

" you'll see.." he smiled.

Then he started to sing ' pushing me away ' by the Jonas Brothers.

Run, run like you do, I'm chasing you
I'm on your tail, I'm gaining faster, you're going nowhere
Try to fix what you've done, turn back the sun
The night is calling and then we're falling faster now

Pushing me away
Every lost word, every single thing you say
Pushing me away
Try to stop it now but it's already too late
Pushing me away
If you really don’t care just say it to my face
Pushing me away
You push push pushing me away

Stop! Tell me the truth cause I'm so confused
Spinning round these walls are falling down and I need
You, more than you know, I'm not letting go,
I'm getting close, so take my hand
And please just tell me why

You're pushing me away
Every lost word, every single thing you say
Pushing me away
try to stop it now but it's already too late
Pushing me away
If you really dont care just say it to my face
Pushing me away
You push push pushing me away

Nick finished the song and looked straight into April's eyes. " i love you April..don't push me away..". Tears slowly escaped from her eyes. " Nick..you don’t know what really happen.." even more tear she cried. " i know April..please let me be there for you.." he walked closer to April and put one of April's hand up to his heart. " my heart would stop without you..".

April feels his heart beats increase when she touch him. " every step of the that you make..every breath that you take..i want to be there with you..i will fight for you..until my heart stop beating.." Nick holds April with both of his hand. April was speechless at that moment. She hugs him tight and Nick grips her waist on his arms and slightly picks her up.

==========3 months later ==========

April don’t want to get the surgery...no matter how much Miley begs her....Nick doesn't know about it..they are still together...and it’s their graduation day

Miley runs up to April. " April..finally we're graduating!!..". " i know!!.." hug Miley. She smiles as she sees Cody and Nick walking up to them. " HOTTY ALERT!!..". April laugh and she turned around. Nick pull her in a hug. April giggled. " i so glad we all got accepted to the same college.." she said as she pulls away from the hug.

" yeah..roomie!!.." they all laugh." all right guys take your seats..we're ready to begin our graduation day.

===========later after the ceremony============

April walks toward Nick. " so i hear the principle is extremely happy that your leaving next year..". " yeah.....i was kinda annoying and jerk before.." he laugh. She raises an eyebrow at him. " fine!! I’m still very annoying..happy??.." he looked at April like an idiot. She gives him a bear hug.


Later that night, April has a date with Nick. Everything was going smooth until, Aprils don’t feel so good. She's breathing heavily. " ni..nick..". Nick walk closer to her. Just a few steps to reach where April is, she suddenly collapses. " April!!.." Nick eyes stared to tears. He quickly gets her into the car and speed off to the hospital.

In the hospital, Nick runs in with April in his arms. The nurse runs up to him, gets April on to the stretcher and into the emergency room. Nick breathing unevenly, as the other nurse tried to calm him down.

Immediately, Nick calls Miley, Demi and Cody. 5 minutes later, they rushed into the hospital. " what happened??.." Demi questioned him. " sh--she--she..." more tears running down his face. Cody come up to him, and give him a hug. " it’s going to be okay dude.." rubs his back in circular motion. Miley walk back and forth in front of the emergency room.

============45 minutes later==========

The nurse walk up to them. Slowly she said. " we are going to lose her soon..in a few months..but..". " but what??.." Nick cut her off. ". The nurse looked at Miley. " remember the surgery i told you about??. " yeah.." she replied. " what F--ING surgery??.." Nick confused. " we can try to remove the cancer cells but..there’s a 15 % chance of living..". the nurse looked at them. Nick looked at the nurse " DO IT!!.." he said hopefully it would work. “ as you wish..” the nurse nods and walks away.

" Nick??!!..what the hell did you do??..15% is BAD..!! what if she dies??.." Miley yelled furiously at Nick. " we have HOPE Miley!!!i love her and i don't wanna lose her.." he runs his finger through his hair. Miley sit beside him, and buried her face, in her hand.

=============4 hours later============

The nurse walks out of the operation room, they stand up with blood-shot eyes. " i have the results..". " and ???..." Nick walked closer to the nurse.

==========5 years==========

Nick and April finished college. Now, they're living together. Nick is unpacking their things. April cleaned up their new house. " i can’t believe we're getting married.." April said it while mopping the floor. Nick hug her from behind and kiss her cheek. " we'll believe it.." he replied. " i know I’ve been saying this like a billion time but..thank you..". Nick smiled and picks her up, like a bridal style, and turn around.

===========2 years later============

Nick walks into the graveyard. He walks over to a spot, that’s very familiar to him. As he come closer, tears start streaming down his face. Nick knee down at the spot. " i love you April...i know you didn't want me to grieve over you...but i can’t help it...i will never stop loving you..".

" daddy!!.." a little girl runs up to him. Nick turns around and see Destiny runs to him. Miley, Cody and Demi followed behind her. " Destiny?? what are you doing here??..". " Aunt Demi brought me here..to see.." slowly Destiny looked at the tombstone and continued to finished her sentence. " mommy.." her eyes becomes teary and hugs Nick, who is her dad. They smiles thru all their tears. " i wish mommy was here with me.." she said between her tears. " she’s with you all the time..". Destiny looked at Nick in confused.

Picks Destiny's hand up and puts it to her heart. " she is in there..". Destiny flashed a smile across her angelic face. " oh god...you look so much like your mommy.." Aunt Demi said from behind Nick. " mommy was beautiful??.." the little girl asked again. " very beautiful.." Nick nods and pull of them into a hug.


April did survive the surgery....she married Nick and had Destiny Rose Jones..then died when giving birth to Destiny..T__T..Miley and Cody..they we're like high school sweetheart...They dated until they finished college..and getting married..=)...It’s good to live your life to the fullest..it will be easier if you have HOPE...



. . .Ieza Shahira. . .

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. . . ΔƤЯƖ˩ ĦѲƤЄ . . .

This is a story about a girl. Who had dreams like other teenagers. She has one HUGE secret that she doesn’t tell anyone about it. Its maybe mean nothing for other teenagers, but the musical means world to her. She's living her life to the fullest. The story I'm about to tell you may make you smile, it may make you shed a tear, or it may make you laugh.


“ Oh my god. He is killing me...” April slammed her locker. “ Who??..." the voice is so familiar to her. Slowly she turned around. “Who else??...Nick is the only one who torturing me all this year.." she said while cooling down her anger. “ what a devil.." Miley replied. April saw someone coming her in their way. " speak of the devil..". " hye nerds.." he spoke with a wide smile on his face.

" go away Nick or.." Before April could finish her sentence. " or what..??.." Nick comes closer to her. April throws a bottle of water at him. Nick back up a few steps from them. Miley and April burst out laughing, as the water droplets slowly runs down from his face and landing onto the floor.

" you’re gonna pay for that April!!...you too Miley!!.." Nick yelled from across the hall, and started to walk away.


While in class, their teacher changing the seating arrangements. Nick has to sits beside April. " hye nerd..what ya doing??.." he asked as he faked a smile. April cover her face and try ignores him. Nick kept doing stuff, to annoy her, all the time. At lunch, April sits with Miley and Cody. " ugh.." as she sat down beside Miley. " what’s wrong??.." take a bite at her Swiss cheese sandwich. " i have to sit next to IT!!.." buried her face with her little hand.

" what did he do??.." she said. " anything to annoy me..why can’t he be more like Cody??.." take a sip from glass of juice. " Cody.." Miley said dreamily and. April chuckled looking at her friend, drooling over her boyfriend.


While with Nick, He's in the office. " Nick..your grades is getting worse..you must get extra credit,,if not..you will not graduate.." he said while sitting on his chair. Nick sighs as he adjusts himself on the seat. " what do you want me to do??.." take a biscuits from the plate in front of the principle. " that's my breakfast.." he said. " not anymore.." take a bite at the chocolate chips biscuits. The principle stands up and leads Nick to the auditorium.

" what are we doing here??.." Nick asked as he followed the principle. " from now, you will be joining The Musical.."as the principle said Nick spits the biscuits from his mouth out, it lands on the principles face. He holds his laughed while trying to wipe the biscuit off his face.

The principle just walks out of the auditorium leaving Nick behind. Ashley, the teacher that decides for the Musical welcomed Nick here. As she explain everything about the Musical. " who is the chick??.." Nick asked. " April.." pointing at April who is sitting at the piano. " i don’t want to be partner with that thing!!.." they say it at the same time. Ashley looks at them in a weird face. " just get over with it..and remember..practice..practice..practice" hands them the lyrics, that they need to sing for the musical.

" hey..i need you to come to my house.." April asked.

" why is this so important to you??.." raised an eyebrow at April.

" none of your business.." she sigh.

" i have rugby practice.."

" then see you at 5??.." look at him while crossing her arm.

" fine.." then walks away.

                        =======after school===at April's house=======

At 6 o'clock, she hears a knocked at her door. She opened it and slams it in Nick's face. He bangs hard on the door. " open the door April!!.." he yelled. " go away nick!!.." she said in a very ruthless and brutal tone. " not until you opened the door.." Nick yelled back.

April opened the door, and Nick put his hand at the side of the door. Without she realized, she slams the door on his hand. Nick screams at the top of his lungs, looking at his hand. April's eyes immediately widen. " oh my gosh!!..". She takes him inside and brings him to the kitchen. " why the hell are you fuc--ing late??.." Put some ice on his hand, that’s been slam by a door.

" the coach wouldn't let me leave.." he replied. " oh now i really do feel bad.." sits beside him. A smile twitched at the corner of his lips. " what happen to you??.." Demi, April's sister asked, pointing at his hand. " your psychotic "sister" slammed the door on it.." look right to April. Demi laugh hysterically when she hears that. " demi??!!.." Nick raised an eyebrow at Demi. " what??..It's hilarious.." continue laughing.

" when do we start.." look back at April. " tomorrow..I’m tired.." April replied. " ok then..lazy-bone.." start to walk away. " don’t let the door slam you again!!.." she yelled from the stairs. Nick rolls his light chocolate eyes.

Demi glares at him on the way to the door. " what??!!.." Nick said. " i know this may not mean anything to you...but it means the world to April.." Demi explain. " why.." he asked. " I’m not sure..". Nick just walk away, and drive to his house later that day.


The next few days, Nick walking to the auditorium. As he walked to the auditorium. He heard an angel, well not technically, but there was April singing, she had the most beautiful voice i have ever heard. Nick wanted to listen but he got noticed. April's see Nick and stop singing. " what are you doing??..". " listening to you, babe.." he winks. " ugh!!..never call me that.." walk away. 

" ouch!!..that’s hurt April.." puts his hand on his heart. April look at her watch and runs away. " why is she up to??..why the hell is she keep run off.." Nick said to himself and raised an eyebrow suspiciously. Then, he followed April.

As April drive through the school, Nick follow her from behind. 10 minutes later, April's stop at the hospital. She run into the hospital without knowing Nick followed her. " why is she doing in the hospital??.." he walked through the hospital and goes the counter. " excuse me??..is April's ok??.." Nick heavily gulped. " are you her boyfriend??.." the nurse asked Nick.

" no...no..I’m her friend.." he spoke ." well i shouldn't really talk to you about this but....have you tried talking to her about her condition???..." she said. "condition???is she okay???.." Nick asked the nurse is shaking. " I’m afraid not...she has kidney cancer...both of her kidneys are extremely weak and the cancer is going to start spreading.....and I’m afraid that it's..that it’s going to kill her.." the nurse slowly walk away from Nick.

" can’t she get like a kidney transplant???.." Nick walk beside her. " well that WOULD help...but....we have no donors.." she replied. " i do it.." Nick said in teary eyes. " what??!!.." the nurse said in shocked. Then, she looked into Nick eyes and smiled. " she’s must mean a lot to you..". Nick's lips couldn't help but twitched into a smile.

" I’m just glad...i mean she doesn't tell ANYBODY about her condition.." put her hand on Nick's shoulder.

" why not??.."

" she said that she want to live life to its fullest while she is still alive.." the nurse end her sentence with a sweet smiled.

Few minutes later, the nurse told Nick to leaves names and number, for the hospital information. The operation will start tomorrow, as he wanted it. Nick asked the nurse to keep the donors ID in secret, he don’t want April to find out. " thank you Nicholas, this mean a world to April.." she said. Nick smiled and leaves the hospital as soon as possible.

Hours later, April comes out of the doctor office. The nurse coming to her with a smile painted across her face. " April,...we have a donor..". April's face immediately brightens up. " really??..". The nurse smile and hug April as she crying happy tears. " i can’t believe it..". " i told you to have HOPE...." the nurse slowly pull the hug.


Start from that day, Nick acted nice to April. He doesn’t annoy April anymore, Nick always back up her, whenever she in trouble. April feels sudden weird, because the guy that annoys her for the past year, suddenly care for her.

Later that day, after the surgery. " nurse, who is the donor??.." she asked. " im sorry the person wanted it to be anonymous.." the nurse walked away. April slowly get off the bed, and walked to the nurse desk. She saw file that had her named on it. And then she picked it up slowly, and searches the donor’s name. " Nick Jones..18 years..." her big brown eyes widen as she read the name. April's cover her mouth, tears started stream down her face.

The nurse sees her and pull her a a hug. " it was him??.." she said between her tears. After that April's goes to Nick's room. " April..how do you feel??.." he asked. " is this why you were treating me differently????because you found out??...why would you do something like this for....someone like me.." raising her voice. “ because i care for you.." Nick hold her soft hands.

" you have treated me like crap over the past years and NOW you "care" about me???.." she said. " you know I’m so glad that i was your donor April.." Nick hugs her tight. April couldn’t help but hugs him back.

The next Monday, on her way to the class. She sees Nick with his friends. " hye Nick..". " what do you want April.." he roll his eyes. April shake her head in disappointment. " nothing from you.." started to walk away to Cody and Miley. " hey, what happened to you all this days??.." she asked. " i need to talk to you.." April sighed. They we're about to talk. Then the bells rings. " stupid school bells!!.." Cody curse the bells. April slightly giggled. " we talk during lunch.." she walk away to her class.

The worst part is. Nick in it to. " hye April.." sit beside April in class. April looked at him and rolls her eyes. Nick grab her arm " April..". She yanks it away and move to the other seats at the back. " great.." he said sarcastically.

End of the class, April walk off fast, so Nick can’t catch up. But she's not fast enough. Nick grabs her arm and pulls her backwards. Nick pushed her into the store beside the class. " what the hell??.." she try to get away. " why are you ignoring me??.." Nick placed his hands on either sides of the wall. " what was wrong with you this morning??..you were acting like a jerk again.." April tried to push Nick, but she couldn’t.

Nick is stronger than her. " i have REP..you know.." he leaned against the door. April's eyes started to tear. " oh right..i forgot..im just a loser..eeuuuwww...". " no it’s not that!!!.." he yelled." then what??..you can only talk to me in a fu--ing store??!!..." April push Nick tough body, with her small hands. After she left, Nick slide down the door. Without he realized, a tear escaped from his eyes.


" hye April..over here.." Cody screams across the cafeteria. She walks to them, holding her hospital file and hands it to Miley. Miley scanned through the pages. " oh my gosh.." tears runs from her eyes, she cover her mouth with her hand and starts crying as she pull her in a hug . She gives to Cody, so he can read. After Cody finished reading it. He hug them with tears streaming down his face." why didn't you tell us??.." Miley wipes her tears." i didn't want to be treated differently.." April said.

" your my best friend...i wouldn't have treated you differently.."

" hello??!!...OUR best friend.." Cody corrected Miley.

" i love you guys.." slightly giggles and hugs them.

April tells them everything, including the donors. " seriously??!!.." Miley looked at Nick, her jaws drop. " so sweet of him.." Cody added. " i know but he still a jerk.." April laid her head on the table. " and the worst part is..". " IS??!!.." Cody and Miley closer their face to April. She sighs. " i was starting to like him..". Miley smiled and hug her.

" SO ??.." Cody looked at April like an idiot. April slightly giggled looking at Cody's weird face expression. " i never understand GIRLS.." he said. Miley playfully, hit his arm and continued hugging April.

                               ==============April's House=================

While she's watching TV's, she hears a slightly knocked on her door. She gets up and opened the door. April sigh as she look at the person at her door." what do you want??..". " can we talk??.." Nick pleads. April raised an eyebrow. " talk??..hmm...3 minutes..". " please forgive me i know i acted like a.." Before Nick could finish, April's cut him off. " JERK??..". " JERK??..is that the only thing you call me??.." Nick crossed his arm.

" ok..then you acted like a fuc---- ...". " jerk is better.." Nick said fast before April finished her sentence. April fake a smile for Nick. " 2 minutes..". " please April..i really do care about you..more than you know.." hold April hands. She's eyes started to tear. April looked at her hand and pulled away. " prove it.." she slammed the door on Nick face.

Nick kicked the ground as he walked away from April's house. Few meters from April's house. He bumps into Cody. " hye Cody..can you get April to talk to me again..". " i cant belive i say this but..ok..here's my promise..i will get you two being friends again.." Cody ended with a smiled across his face.

" what if i don't want her to be my friend??.." Nick put his both hand on Cody shoulder.

" then why am i talking to you??.." about to walk away.

" i want to be more than her FRIENDS.." he looked down.

Cody's jaws practically on the ground. " ok...she's my best friend..you break her heart..i'll break your leg..". " ok...but help me please.." Nick pleaded. " ok bro.." Cody agreed to help Nick and does a guy hand shake.


The next day, Nick walked into the auditorium, wondering if April's practicing. Once he walked in, no one was there. Then he walked to the music rooms and hears April's singing. " hye April..why didn’t you show up??.." he leans at the door. " I’m not in the musical anymore.." she said. " you said this was important to you...what happened to living life to its fullest??.." Nick asked, he walked closer to April.

As he walked, April was about to move away. But Nick manage to holds her hand from behind." you should still live life to the fullest...we're all gonna die sometime or another.." he explained. "its none of your business what i do with my life.." April's yanks her arm away. " dammit April!!..why can’t you just let me in??.." Nick walked up to her.

" April...please i-..."

" prove it..prove that you care.." April storm out of the music room.

" dammit.." he yelled, punched the wall as he walk away.

                                        ===========The Musical Night============

Nick walk up the stage, and give say a few words before they started. . " well few weeks ago i was a self-centered JERK...but then i spent time with this amazing girl...the girl showed me how to really live your life...and that’s to live your dreams..you never know what will happen in the future..She change me and i don't care what others think about me...but a two days ago i made a mistake and pushed her away... April...it’s because of your smile.your laugh....the way you send shocks thru my body by simply touching me..and if you would let me...i think I’m falling for you.....so please just let me in...." 

He saw April at the back of the crowd and smiled at her. “ so now, I’m standing on this stage in front of you guys to tell her how much i really CARE about her.. Thank you…" Nick nods and starts singing a song for the musical.

Nick sings the song. Suddenly he hears, April's singing with him. As he turned around. April walked up stage and sing. The crowd goes wild as they sing together. " better than i expected.." the musical teacher Ashley, crying tears of happiness. An hour later, the musical end.

Nick picks April up from behind " we did it!!...". " put me down.." she laugh. " aaww..." Miley walks up with Cody. " the lovebirds!!.." Cody added while put his arm around Miley. April blushes off. " you guys..". Nick chuckles and kisses April on the cheek.

                                          ===========The next Monday=============

Nick asked April to go on a date with him. April smiles. " yes...i would love to..". Nick kisses her cheek and walk to his next class. She touches her cheek. Miley walks up to April, sees her touching her cheek. " aaww..how sweet..". April blushes even more. " shut up.." she close her locker.

Later that night, April have a date with Nick. She wears short white cream dress, her large coffee-coloured eyes were framed with lashes lightly coated in mascara, softening her features, making her seem younger then she actually was. April hear a knocked on her door. She smiled as she opened the door.

" wow April....you ..look...gorgeous.." he said while put his hand out. The pink tint on April's cheeks deepened, turning into a deep shade of pink. " thank you...you look pretty handsome yourself..". Nick and April get in the car and drive off. April smiled, the arc of her smile meeting ear to ear, her chocolate marbles twinkled.

                                        ==============10 minutes later==========

They arrived at luxurious restaurant, the landscape is so beautiful. While inside the restaurant, is more fascinating. After they finish their dinner, slowly the walk outside. "do you want to go to the beach??. April nods and slightly smiling. They get there and start walking down the shore

" so this what you do to the other GIRLS??.." she joking around. Nick looked at her and smiled. " just for the special ones..". "really??.." she raised an eyebrows. " how many of them ??..". " just one.." Nick replied. " oh..really??.." April asked.

"yup...and i was hoping that girl would like to be my girlfriend??.." he grab Aprils hand. " she would love too.." she replied. Nick looked her in shocked. " you know Amylea??..". Aprils punches Nick arm playfully. " so is that a yes...or...no??.." he asked.

" catches me.." April whispered in Nick's ears, and runs away from him. "April!!.." he chases her and throws her on his shoulder. Aprils laughs. " Nick!!..i have my own legs..don’t you know??..". " i like carrying you.." he walked towards the beach with April's on his shoulder.

" is that so??.." hears the waves crashing to the shore while nick is walking. " you’re not gonna --.." Nick cut off April. " yeah.." Nick throws her in the sea. Aprils screams as she pulled Nick into it too. "  I’m all wet..and my eyes..look like a panda.." walk out of the beach." your MY panda.." Nick leans in. April totally lost in his eyes. Suddenly. . . . . . . .

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