you can say anything about me..

but i am what i am..
and thats something..
you can never be..


unless you lied my life
dont judge me because 
you dont know
never have and never will
know every little thing about me


keep your head up high..
there are people would kill..
to see you fall..


sick of crying
tired of trying
yeah..im smiling
but inside im dying


my plan is to forgive & forget
forgive myself for being stupid
forget you ever existed


the truth is..
everyone gonna hurt you
you just have to decided
who's worth the pain


promise means everything
but once  it broken
sorry means nothing


if he dumb enough to walk away..
then be smart enough to let him go..


smile are like band-aids
they cover up the pain
but it still hurt


here's to the future cuz
im done with my past


be who you wanna be
not the people wanna see


its break your heart
when people you know
become people you knew
when you rite past someone
as they were never huge part of your life
you used to be able to talk for hours on the phone
now you cant even look at each other
its completely breaks your heart
to know good thing change
and theres nothing you can do


i should have know
you would play with my heart
this is how you leave me
my fault is falling for you
i though you were different
but your just the same


just because her eyes dont tear
doesnt mean her heart dont cry
just because she came of strong
doesnt mean theres nothing wrong


the road of life is not straight
there is a curve..called failure
a loop..called confusion
speed bumps..called friends
red light..called enemies
caution light..called family
you will have flat tyre..called jobs
but you have spare..called determination
and an engine..called perseverance
you will make it to a place..called succes


never look back
unless your planning
on going that way


when people you dont know
hate you
you know your the best


its funny how some feelings
you cant deny & you cant move on
even though you try


just because i act 
like i want you
doesnt mean i need you


love the heart that you hurt

never hurt the heart that you love


dont ever make someone  
your everything
if you lose them
you'll have nothing


its funny how someone
can break your heart easily
and you can still love him
with all the little pieces


what better??
lie thats
draws a smile
the truth thats
draws a tear


the worst thing a guy can do is
make a girl fall for him
with no intentions of catching her


dont worry..
you dont break it..
you completely destroyed it..


isnt it ironic
we ignore..the one who adore us
adore the ones..that ignore us
love the ones..that hurt us
hurt the ones..that love us


cinta itu kesakitan
cinta itu kurniaan
menjadikan kita
seorang pencinta
tapi bila sudah
mengenal cinta
ia akan belajar menerima benci
bila cinta diragut
ia mampu menjadi dendam

♥ Thanks for reading..luv yaa ♥