♥ Justin Bieber ♥

aura ~ !!

sape tak kenal budak kat atas nie kan....HHA..=P..and aku tak paham kenape kebanyakkan orang..terutama lelaki fuck gilee2 JB...=='...aku tau korang tak secomel JB...trime jewk la kenyataan tu...HHA..=P..kat bawah nie antara komen2 dari you tube yang aku copy...hee..~~

They say hey baby, WE SAY  BABY

 They say dear god, WE SAY PRAY

 They say hold on, WE SAY NEVER LET YOU GO

 They say drive, WE SAY RIDE

 They say australia girl, WE SAY LATIN GIRL

 They say fly with me, WE SAY UP

 They say jonas brothers, WE SAY JUSTIN BIEBER


Calling him FAKE won't make you REAL

Calling him DUMB won't make you SMART

Calling him WEAK won't make you STRONG

Calling him UGLY won't make you BEAUTIFUL

Calling him MEAN won't make you NICE

Calling him GAY won't make you STRAIGHT

Calling him RUDE won't make you POLITE

So why bother? He is a true inspiration for people who think they cant follow their dream! All the haters should just Be quiet!


Justin Bieber

Is gay? He has a girlfriend

Can't sing? Usher and Justin Timberlake fought over him

Is ugly? Millions of girls think he's the hottest guy alive, and he's on millions of posters everywhere

He's weak? He broke his foot on stage and carried on singing

He's heartless? Listen to pray

He's unsuccessful? 17 years old, 36 songs, 3 albums, 9 music videos,1 movie,1 book, 20 awards, 2 tours, 86 shows, 40 million fans.

Do your research before you make fun of him

♥ Thanks for reading..luv yaa ♥